Many homeowners in Brisbane often find that they have outgrown their homes. Their needs are no longer met by the same home built a decade ago. Typically, the possible solutions to this housing issue include:

  • Building a new home elsewhere from the present location
  • Renovate the existing home
  • Sell the old home to buy a new home

Yet, another housing conundrum solution is worth thinking of: the knockdown-rebuild, Brisbane. Opting for this solution means knocking down the old home to rebuild a new one on the same property.

KDRs or knock down rebuilds were seen to increase by 10% in Australia today and are predicted to rise more this year and the next. It has become a popular solution for many homeowners who have outgrown their old homes.

Here are the reasons why:

It’s an excellent financial option

It’s been proven that tearing down an old home to rebuild anew costs less than renovating. While this is not seen as a general rule, it cannot be denied that renovation and extension home projects on a square metre basis cost 50% more than building a new home.

The reason for this is because a lot of time-consuming work is spent on rectification and demolition work before building. While building a new home is in most cases, a more expensive task, often the costs are not by much.

The design stage of extending and renovating a home is a difficult task to determine. For instance, installing a new subfloor requires plaster rectification or underpinning. Contracting the work has to include additional costs for them.

Premium charges will be made by a builder with such home renovation projects just to cover unknowns. This will prove to be a more expensive option to a homeowner.

This won’t factor in when you decide to knock down your old house and rebuild a new one. Completely demolishing your old home allows you to start a new project, thereby, less expensive on the pocket.

Eliminate nasty surprises

Renovating a home and become confronted with nasty surprises such as undetected asbestos, faulty wiring, and leaky pipes can become a long-drawn expensive nightmare. This is why it’s more cost-effective to opt for a KDR rather than a home extension or renovation.

The uncertainty of nasty surprises is eliminated with knockdown-rebuild home projects. The secrets hidden behind older homes have a bad habit of costing more when they are exposed.

The smartest way to eliminate problems and issues of an older home is to tear it down and start anew.


You’ll still live in the same neighbourhood

The most positive impact of KDR projects is enabling homeowners to stay in the same neighbourhood. If you are loath to leave your location, a KDR project allows you the best of both worlds: a new home in your old neighbourhood.


Buy a home and knock it down

Fixer-uppers have found the magic formula when it comes to the housing industry. The land shortage problem in Brisbane is the driving force for many people to purchase a house they don’t like, knock it down, and build a new house that meets their specifications and preferences.

Doing it this way allows you to acquire a good property and build your dream home at the same time.

Starting on a clean slate, as with most things in the world is an ideal place to be. This works with house building as well.