Recently, unemployment numbers have dropped below 5 per cent, which is the lowest in almost 18 years. The WIA once provided three services: assuring employers of the workforce’s competency, developing the workforce by funding education and training programs, creating work opportunities through providing income maintenance assistance such as assistance with living expenses, and employment assistance including referrals to jobs. For those who want to keep their resources as limited as possible while they continue to search for a new opportunity but may not be successful without at least some help, this app offers an option that can save both parties time and effort while they’re working through a job search or gathering information.


Job Active Program


The Government is making significant improvements to the Job Active Program, a service that they introduced to the community in 2016. They are targeting enhancements in regions with more than 8,000 persons who have been jobless for more than 12 months. The enhancement includes personal consultants and job coaches as you work one-on-one with them to find work.


Jobactive services is an Australian government service that helps job seekers to maintain their health, wellbeing, and employment prospects. During tough times available through professionals, lines of support for unemployed individuals include access to training and education programs, financial counselling, and counselling by phone. The Employment Advocate provides an independent point of contact to do a benefits check before enrolling or getting into a job-active program. The Health Advocate offers nursing support in emergencies or illnesses.


Jobactive services are designed to help people prepare for and find the right job. This process, known as reemployment assistance, includes a number of programs such as Work for the Dole, voluntary participation in training, job matching, and support such as skills development to help people keep their job.


How Jobactive Services can help you?


Jobactive Services is a contact centre for job seekers and employers. Job seekers can use the centre to set up and keep track of their applications to jobs. Employers can use the website to respond to jobs and contact candidates who are interested in the company and position available. A candidate’s profile includes information like work history, skills, education, skills and location information.


Job seekers go through the self-service portal to manage their profile and submit search terms. Using this information, jobactive can create a profile for each individual with an accessible resume in areas of their strengths. Job seekers can then upload resumes to recruiters, take virtual job-election tests, and receive reminders about upcoming employment events they are invited to. Once registered with jobactive, job seekers work closely with an account manager that will help find employment in a new industry or position while providing career advice.


Jobactive is a government welfare program that provides income support, training and job search arrangements to job seekers. The article explains how difficult the job market has become for many. Startups have struggled to find qualified candidates because of these conditions, even if they offer more flexible hours or more generous benefits than more giant corporations can provide. The introduction of automation into industries such as fast-food restaurants and supermarkets, combined with historically low wage growth in recent years, will only make it more challenging for any potential candidate who doesn’t have a university degree to find a decent-paying job.

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