Cultivate a passion for plants
Alessia shares her 70 m² apartment with her partner Micah and 175 plants. In 2017, he started growing new species, a way to find calm and focus while working from home. “My advice? Find a plant that makes you happy and take it home. Slowly he begins to experiment how to make it grow luxuriantly. ”

Choose the variety that’s right for you
Alessia has become a plant expert and talks about this passion in her blog Apartment Botanist. “For novice gardeners, trial and error is essential. This is how we discover which variety is best suited to us and our environments, ”explains Alessia. Most of its plants are philodendrons, which easily adapt to apartment life.

Find the right light
which points of the house have the best humidity and light, grouping plants with similar needs in the same area.” Alessia’s apartment faces west, so the plants receive indirect natural light throughout the day. Varieties that need more light are kept under a purple lamp in a DIY greenhouse that Alessia created from an old aquarium.

Create new plants
Learning how to propagate plants is a great way to always have new ones to add to your collection or to give them to friends and share your passion. Just cut a sprig and put it in a glass jar with plenty of water, well exposed to light, so that it can develop its roots and give life to a new specimen.